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What chapter are you with? San Francisco Bay Area - East Bay

What event are you doing? California Internation Marathon Run 07

How's the fundraising going? Um, just started yesterday and I have $50. Still need to email letters once I get the site personalized.

How's the training going? Well, I have been training before TNT but I need specific help. My longest run has been 12 miles.

Who are you honoring or remembering? My FIL and babysitter are in remission NHL. A friend of mine's husband died 10 years ago. I have to get the OK to include their names.

Have you done TNT before? Do you have any advice? Anything else we should know? I'm a beginner in fundraising and running with TNT. I NEED ADVICE.

Interesting fundraising idea

I'm moving in a week. Since I don't have much help, I was thinking of sending out an email to my team to see if they were interested in helping me move in exchange for a donation. I would rent a U-Haul and they would just have to help load and unload it (great cross-training!). I'm only moving about three miles, from a 2nd and 3rd floor duplex to a 1st floor apartment, so I predict it will go very smoothly.

I am posting this here for two reasons:

1. What would be a fair hourly rate for anyone who might help me? Our other fundraisers (such as bagging groceries) brought in about $10-15/hour. Is $15 about right? Please let me know if I am way off, but I will have to limit the number of volunteers based on what I can afford.

2. I thought this would be a great fundraising idea for others--advertise that you are willing to help people move, especially if you have a truck! It's a busy moving season right now, plus college dorm time is right around the corner, and I think people would appreciate the help and be more than willing to donate!

Jul. 4th, 2007

1. What chapter are you with? Greater Los Angeles
2. What event are you doing? Century Honolulu
3. How's the fundraising going? Not very good. I'm a college kid and my friends aren't very supportive. Fundraising is my biggest worry.
4. How's the training going? Great! I began training and cycling at the same time. It's easier than I thought. That's not to say that it isn't hard.
5. Who are you honoring or remembering?I signed up for myself but as I am traning I am remembering all the family members who have survived and passed away from cancer. I have many to honor.
6. Have you done TNT before? Do you have any advice? Anything else we should know?I have no done TNT before.

BTW this is exclusively my training blog. Please feel free to add me. And hello out there!


1. What chapter are you with? Central NY
2. What event are you doing? SF 1/2 Marathon
3. How's the fundraising going? Well, not the greatest really! So far as of today I've only raised about $200 of the $700 that is due on re-commitment day. I've sent out about 100 letters though to family, friends, and local businesses. Also, I have sent out several sponsorships but so far I have received a no on most of them. However, I'm in the paper today! I dropped off an announcement at my local paper (free) and they ended up calling me and doing a short little story. So, I'm hoping that will help with the donations maybe? I'm planning on hitting more businesses, I need to just print more letters and head out to deliver them. One negative thing is I've spent about $100 on faxing, paper, ink, labels, etc. (and I'm broke so I can't spend much more). Does anyone know if The Society will fax for you? (the local office max charges 2$ a page). I was hoping to do a bake sale at Walmart but so far my friends/family haven't been into it and I can't see myself baking all the cookies. I'll try the container idea that was mentioned here. :) Any other ideas?
4. How's the training going? So far so good! My shins have been quietly protesting since I started but I'm dealing. I am completely new to running so considering that I am feeling good. The furthest I've ran is with the group (4.5), hoping to do around 5 to 5.5 tomorrow. I picked up a garmin forerunner 101 so I think that will come in handy.
5. Who are you honoring or remembering? Well, we have several honored teammates in Central NY but on a personal level my grandmother passed from lung cancer in 2004 and while it isn't a blood cancer, it's still cancer so I will be remembering her.
6. Have you done TNT before? Do you have any advice? Anything else we should know? I haven't, no. :) I'm just hoping I can make the donation requirement! Good luck everyone. Feel free to add me if you want.

Letter responses

I sent out my fundraising letters on Monday. On Tuesday, I started getting the calls and emails from people who had received them. They were good responses--people I haven't heard from for awhile assuring me that they will support my efforts and are impressed with what I am doing--and shocked responses too since I "outed" my mom's leukemia in the letters to people who were unaware of her diagnosis.

Everyone keeps telling me that they'll donate. Yet they haven't. How long did it take before you saw a response to your letters? I was hoping it would be immediate. Unless they are all mailing a check instead of doing it online and I haven't received it yet. Or are waiting for payday (which one friend told me he's doing). Or don't really plan to contribute.

Maybe I'm just overly anxious, but I want to start seeing some funds soon!


I was wondering if anyone has had any success in obtaining corporate sponsorship. I am going to work up the nerve to speak with my office's head honcho soon because it would be a wonderful opportunity for our company. Does anyone have any advice?


I went to the big kick-off party for my chapter (Minnesota) the other night and met my coach, mentor, and teammates. I am so pumped now! I even built a webpage from scratch to help my campaign (my final project for graduate school...I will receive my Master's degree tomorrow!).

I wrote my letter and I think it's kind of awesome, so my next step is to send them out. If I send them out in the next two weeks, LLS will pay for my postage. I was a little surprise to find my list of recipients is a little short. After family, friends, the dentist and hairstylist, I am hoping to find another 50 or so to add to my list. I even have some favorite old professors and my alumni associations on the list. Can anyone tell me who I might have missed? I feel like I have all my bases covered, but who was that one letter you almost didn't send and ended up getting the *big* donation from?

Minnesota people? Fundraising team?

I know our community is still pretty small and new, but I keep hoping to find someone else from Minnesota. I live in Minneapolis and get to my family's cabin in Pine City pretty often, so I hope to find someone in either area that may be interested in doing a fundraiser together. I am hoping to sell beads and glo-sticks at local festivals and fireworks and am working on a beer tour/tasting at the Summit Brewery (they don't do public parties anymore, but I have been to two recent fundraising events). One other option: some local races will donate $500 to your cause if you can get a team of volunteers together to work at the race. Anyone interested in teaming up?

Training question: terrain

I am running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. From what I hear, it is not as hilly as you would expect for San Francisco, but the hills are definitely there. Imagine my surprise last year when I ran the Bix 7 with NO hill training whatsoever, thinking, "It's Iowa; it can't be that hilly!" (warning: it is). Because of that awful experience I know what it's like to go into a race thinking you can conquer the distance no problem, but discovering you were completely unprepared for the terrain.

I guess what I am trying to ask is if the TNT training program will prepare me for terrain as well as distance. I live and run in a pretty flat area. We don't start for a couple more weeks, but I am already nervous. Will we do hill training as a group, or is that something participants typically do on their own time?

question about swimcaps

Swimming is my "new" sport in tri training. I'm currently in pre-training with the group training kickoff event on May 12. My question is about swim caps -- I've been swimming lately but want to protect my hair. I've been looking around and it seems like there are lots of different options for swim caps (latex, silicone, etc.)...

What will keep my hair dry the best, without damaging it? I imagine the latex caps would rip one's hair somewhat, unless they're lined with another material. Does anyone have any recommendations for materials, brands, etc.? Thanks!