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I just found this community. I ran with Team in Training at the Nike Women's Marathon October 21, 2007. Participating in TNT changed my life and it is the best thing I have done for myself in years! Starting in a couple weeks I will begin training again, but this time am participating as a Mentor. I am going to run the Anchorage Mayor's Marathon June 21, 2008.

What chapter are you with? Washington/Alaska

What event are you doing? Mayor's Marathon - Anchorage Alaska - June, 21, 2008

How's the fundraising going? Havent' started yet, but was over goal for Nike in 2007

How's the training going? I will let you know when I start, but my last TNT session was fantastic!

Who are you honoring or remembering? My Uncle, who is an active TNT participant and a survivor and honored team mate. My father in law who was diagnosed last year with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Have you done TNT before? Yes Do you have any advice? Don't skip any of the group trainings if possible. The long runs are increasingly important and critical. Don't over do it. Listen to your body, follow good nutrition. I can't recommend highly enough - Nancy Clark's Nutrition Guide for Marathoners. It is my runner's nutrition bible. Try not to let fundraising discourage you. It can be intimidating, but you have to not be afraid to tell everyone you see whether you know them well or not what you are doing and why. Make your story personal and heard! I had strangers asking me about the hospital type TNT wrist band I wore. It got me random cash donations from people in odd places. Send letters to everyone - and more than one! Letters were my major source of $.

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