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Training, well, sort of.

SO, I did my runs on Mon and Tues - treadmill and only two miles, but hey, gotta keep plugging away at it.

Tonight I had plans to meet friends for coffee - they both backed out. Anna wanted to go to the coffee shop anyway (and I never turn down coffee!) So, I spent an hour or so addressing envelopes for Christmas cards. I had printed off my letters at work today (shhh, don't tell anyone!). I have about 30 done? Could that be right? I keep thinking of people to send them to, so I am in NO WAY finished. But I thought I would at least know 50 people. Ahhhhh, well. Such is the life of a loner, single mom. It takes a lot to get a babysitter, plan a night out, get up for work the next am, etc. Any ideas?????? Let me know. Because I need to get out. At least once in a while...and pretend I am human and not just "mom" (not that it isn't the most important job in the word).

I am counting tonight as training. Not physical, but you have to get the money in too. I am still at 24% of my goal. I am hoping Christmas brings out the good spirit and wallets of people. Not to mention, it's tax deductible.

Cat - hope you are feeling better. Thanks for not sharing germs. Jenni - I hope you are not puking your guts out and are doing GREAT post op.

Cheevah ---- DID YOU FLASH BACK WHEN YOU HEARD THE SONG ON MY MYSPACE PAGE???????????? I couldn't resist, even though it made me cry - Elvis is in Joan Rivers, but he's trying to get out, man, he's trying to get out!

Everyone else, HEY! Email me, comment me, or something. Let me know I am not alone in this world (though alone on Cumberland Island camping would be a WHOLE different story!)

Love to all (sorry, I have written too many cards tonight - I may have told my hairdresser that I loved her. I do love my hair - does that carry over?) Oh well, she will either donate or be really creeped out a avoid me when I call for an appt - which needs to be soon!



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